Monthly Archives: February 2012

Competitor: One who seeks and endeavors to obtain what another seeks; or one who claims what another claims; a rival; an opponent. Colleague: A partner or associate in the same office, employment or commission. a fellow worker or member of a profession, etc. .  .  . It can be easy, in this very small world […]

Because Joel & Amy were married in lovely New Hampshire, and since it was my first time in New England, I decided to take an extra day and explore Boston. One word: loooooove. I found the entire area absolutely enchanting. I went alone, which isn’t quite my favorite way to travel, but it was lovely […]

Bad day: getting rear-ended while stopped at a stoplight, at midnight, when it’s snowing, when the wind is gusting at 40mph, when I’m so tired I can’t even write insurance info correctly. Thank, dear person who wasn’t paying attention / doesn’t know how to drive in ice and snow. So grateful that no one was […]

Recently featured on Style Me Pretty’s New England blog.  May, 2009: “Dear Lauren, you don’t know me, but a friend of a friend of a friend of your aunt said that I should get in touch with you, as I’m trying to come to Italy sometime this Fall. I’m a photographer trying to partner with […]