Monthly Archives: March 2012

A few weeks ago I posted a photo entitled, “The Capitol and an Elephant.” I can’t remember the last time I was quite so proud of a picture I took. It was almost as if it just happened— right place at the right time kind of a thing. Which really isn’t true. Yes, I was […]

I’ve had people ask me over and over again to post pictures of the precious little house that I am blessed to live in. It’s taken awhile for me to get around to even taking pictures… partly because decorating and “settling” takes awhile, but mostly because the whole house is rarely all clean at the […]

So very, very grateful for time in my office. Finished tax prep yesterday morning, and now I’m anxiously waiting to hear back from my accountant to see what “the damage” is. And now I’m trying to catch up on the boatload of work I’ve let pile up around over the past few weeks/months. Striving for […]

Just a little preview of Saturday’s engagement shoot. More to come soon.

I want to be faithful and steady like the bonsai tree— content to grow slowly, content to take the necessary time to acquire desired wisdom and character. “Rome was not built in a day,” and neither am I. God doth not need either man’s works or His own gifts, Who best bears His mild yoke, […]