Monthly Archives: April 2012

She’s in dentistry school. He played water polo. They met while attending VirginiaTech— just friends for awhile, but slowly they moved from group hangouts to just them hangouts, and one day discovered they were each others’ best friends, and they were in love, and they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. They’re […]

Two days ago I sat down to work through my weekend schedule, trying to wrap my head around to-do lists and plans. By 9am this morning, nearly all of those plans and events have been postponed… which means that I have an unexpected free Saturday. I’m still trying to process through what a gift this […]

Once upon a time, on my old blog, I kept a running list of “Grace Gifts“— little daily somethings that remind me (when I take the time to pause & ponder) that all that I have has been given to me by a wise, kind God as evidence of His grace extended toward me through […]

just before she walks down the aisle…

Between shooting, editing, emails, bookkeeping, and client meetings (not to mention just living life), I feel as if my life is sometimes too busy to handle. My goal for this week and next, though, is to “put everything in proper order,” so when I start shooting weddings every weekend (hellloooooo, May!!) I can do it […]