Monthly Archives: May 2012

“Success is not a profit margin, a vendor list, a venue, or even a six-figure income. It’s all about the couple and your art. Period. End-of-story.” — Jeff Youngren, photographer Jeff wrote this yesterday in a blog post entitled “On Success and ‘Making It’.” A friend retweeted a link to the post with something like […]

These men spent the last five months as pastoral interns at my Church. I’ve learned much about what humility, genuine love, and servant-hearted leadership looks like, because they have lived that over the last few months. Today is their last day as interns. Gentlemen, you will be missed. So grateful for God’s evident grace in […]

Dear Sam & Chelsea. I know it’s been months since your wedding happened. But I love these pictures. I love that I’ve known Sam for nearly 20 years. I love that Chelsea is a poet— not just in heart, but in art, too. I love that you chose me to shoot your wedding. I love […]

Oh, holiday weekend. So grateful for three days of sunshine, good friends, and so much food, even if it does make the transition back to real-life work weeks that much more difficult. I’d give anything to spend this Tuesday the way I did two weeks ago, on a beach with my fam. Here’s to many […]

Not that today actually needs to be made “less Monday-ish.” It is a holiday, after all. But in case you need a bit of cheery random… My newest addiction. (I use brown sugar, cinnamon, and cloves) Best idea ever!! Thanks to this smart gal’s husband. Despite my love for Bikram Yoga, this is a very […]