Monthly Archives: July 2012

(image source: here)   Well, friends, it’s that time of year again. Americans of every age, life stage, income category, and cultural background— men and women, alike— gather around TVs, laptops, work computers, and mobile devices to watch other people compete in sports that, for the rest of the year, most of us forget even exist. “Shot […]

28 years of marriage, nine children, four houses, three job changes, and countless other major life changes. But some things never change. In this case, a love for good German engineering. left: that’s me, next to my parents’ red VW bus. right: that’s my brother’s dog (“our first granddog!!” as my parents say) next to their […]

“There is no better way to glorify God in our deaths than by quietly surrendering all control of our lives to Him, allowing Him to take us home.”  — John Dunlop  This morning my friend Marlene did just this— and Jesus took her home. She glorified God in her life, glorified God in the way […]

… because Tuesdays are good days for a bit of random. (inspired by Promise Tangeman). I was homeschooled. all the way through. and no, we didn’t do school in our PJs. I never did college. and most days, I don’t regret that. (kind of amazing to have no college loans to pay off right now!!!) if […]