Monthly Archives: November 2012

Last week I got a Facebook message from an old friend who is recently engaged and planning her wedding. She emailed several of us single women because, as the thoughtful, intentional woman that she is, she wants to care well for the younger, single women who will be attending her bridal shower— to give them […]

Devin & Samantha. How do I begin to describe what it feels like to watch a dear friend fall in love? How do I begin to describe the joy and excitement experienced while waiting for the two of them in the kitchen at Devin’s house, knowing that he’d just proposed, knowing that they would shortly […]

Bass River Shoe Repair. A sweet little shop in South Yarmouth, MA. “A good pair of shoes deserves a second chance,” says their website. I agree. Charming little spot— you must visit if you’re ever in the area!

MOTIVATED!!! (to fly like the guy in the middle there) I feel as if life is going a million miles a minute, and I can barely think straight. I mean, hello!!!! Christmas is now less than a month away!! What does that mean? That means I need to kick my not-so-little-behind into action and stay on top […]