Yearly Archives: 2013

I usually spend a good bit of time around the holidays remember the past year and setting goals for the coming season. I have not had that opportunity this year, but it’s absolutely the best holiday season I’ve ever had. 2013 was absolutely nothing like I expected it to be. It exceeded my expectations in every […]

A friend posted a quote on her Facebook page last week that stopped me in my tracks. I share it with you, not because it is what I live, but because it is what I need to hear. “…90% of the people in your life won’t know the difference between, say, fresh and frozen, or […]

Sam & Jaime. I loved this wedding. I met and became friends with both of them before they met each other, and it has been such a joy to document so many parts of their story— hiding behind a tree in a snowstorm to document Sam’s proposal, photographing and dancing with Sam’s Indian family during their […]

“How did you get into photography?”  This is, perhaps, the most oft-received question put to me during client meetings… or in the course of normal conversation with new friends. Well, the story goes something like this: It was October, 2002. I was standing in line for dinner, holding vocabulary flash cards in my hand, when I […]