Monthly Archives: January 2013

A reader recently asked, “What are some of your recent reads? I got some pretty awesome hints from your ‘old blog.’” Great question!! I was a huge bookworm as a child, and still love reading (though find it more difficult to fit it into my schedule these days). I’m usually in the middle of two or three […]

Today the thermometer reads a whopping 65 degrees, and most of DC is walking around in Spring-worthy attire. I’m still in sweaters and fuzzy slippers, but I have the windows open and I’m enjoying a bit of quasi-warmth while it lasts. says it will be 34 and snowing in two days, so I’ll take […]

Happy Friday, friends! I’m headed off to a place like this for the weekend. Not a warm place, but at least it will look like this. Grateful for some time away. As much as I adore my job, and as much as I look forward to the upcoming weddings on my calendar, I’m eating up the […]

I have a list of questions that I’m working through in my Thursday Q & A posts, but I’m always looking for new ones. This morning I posted on Twitter that I was looking for more questions, and promptly received a steady stream of hilarious, ridiculous questions from my friend Chip. These weren’t exactly the kind of questions […]

Little preface: My initial instinct, when sitting down to begin a blog post, is to look back at the past few months and see just how inconsistent I have been, despite all my attempts at regular posting. But this morning I read an article on productivity and idols that put things in sharp perspective for me. I […]