Monthly Archives: February 2013

Today is Monday, February 25th. And today is my birthday! I’m fighting a bad cold, and can’t exactly scamper off to do some of the fun things I’d hoped to, but I’m determined to celebrate nonetheless. I spent this morning camped out in Starbucks with my Bible and journal, overwhelmed with thankfulness for all of […]

Okay, so these are looooooong overdue, but we already know that I’m way behind in blogging, so I’m not even going to apologize for it. Some guy friends of mine (including boyfriend and brother) send out an annual Christmas card from their house (“The Mancave”). I had the joy of photographing them this year. 

I don’t do many family portrait sessions any more, but this one I couldn’t turn down. I mean, how can you say no to a mom named “Sunshine?” True story. It’s her real name. Amazing. They’re sweet friends from Church, and Sunshine was pregnant with twins when we did this session a few months ago. Little […]

Friends, I have so many portrait sessions and weddings to share with you!! This sweet engagement session is from early last summer, and the couple’s wedding has already come and gone (almost at the six month mark actually!!). But I can’t bear to just archive the pictures without sharing them! Enjoy.