Monthly Archives: June 2013

I had the opportunity to do headshots for author Becky Wallace a few weeks ago. Her book The Keeper’s Princess was just picked up by Simon & Schuster and will be released in Spring, 2015. So glad for the chance to work with her!! 

In addition to portraits and weddings, I work with a real estate company here on Capitol Hill, photographing some of the houses they have that come on the market. I’ve done that for nearly two years, and love seeing old houses restored, or well-loved, or just how unique every row house can be. One of the agents […]

This weekend Buck and I are headed to Richmond to attend a friend’s wedding. He’s a groomsman, I’m a guest (rare and sweet!!!). Sheldon was Buck’s college roommate all four years, and they’ve stayed closest buds ever since. Taylor and I have become good friends, too, over the past six months, which is a huge blessing, […]