Then & Now: A Recreated Family Photo

The week of her wedding, Sara posted an old family photo to her Facebook page. It was of her and her three older brothers in the bed of her dad’s little red pickup truck, with her dad leaning against the passenger door. Jokes were made about recreating it, and we decided we needed to make it happen. On the wedding day. Partway through the reception, I pulled Sara, her brothers, and her dad outside, we reviewed the old picture, and made sure everyone stood or sat in the same spot, and had the same mood. The result is hilarious, and precious.

This is one of the reasons I love photographing weddings. It’s one of the few moments in a person’s life where their past merges with their future in a defining manner. Every day that we live is a one of merging our past with our future (that’s called life), but a wedding day is unique. It takes one person’s history— and all of the family, the memories, the joys, and the characteristics that make them who they are— joins with another person’s history, to create a new future. There is so much emotion, and sentiment, and happiness surrounding weddings. And so much change. I love the opportunity to pause, to capture, and to help my couples remember the day their lives went from two separate stories into one beautiful, intertwined-forever story.

These pictures remind me that my job is important, and that each individual story is worth documenting, worth remembering, worth cherishing.


Sarah Bradshaw


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