Monthly Archives: November 2013

Sam & Jaime. I loved this wedding. I met and became friends with both of them before they met each other, and it has been such a joy to document so many parts of their story— hiding behind a tree in a snowstorm to document Sam’s proposal, photographing and dancing with Sam’s Indian family during their […]

“How did you get into photography?”  This is, perhaps, the most oft-received question put to me during client meetings… or in the course of normal conversation with new friends. Well, the story goes something like this: It was October, 2002. I was standing in line for dinner, holding vocabulary flash cards in my hand, when I […]

Dear Interwebs: I’m taking a brief blogging break to catch up on editing. I looooove this little corner of the web, and updating it with new content, but I need to take the next few weeks to focus my energies on editing (must get things finished before the holidays!!). Serving clients trumps blogging. 🙂 In the […]

I shot a wedding in Texas about six months ago. I had an early flight the morning after, and left just as the sun was coming over the horizon. It was the perfect morning— mist, and gentle curving hills, and cows. Yes, cows. Perfect. I couldn’t choose just one, or between black & white, so […]