Yearly Archives: 2014

2014 was not the year I expected. It was full of good things, hard things, happy things, sad things, joyful events, disappointments, incredible successes, and massive failings. I expected all of that— every human goes through a range of such things every year (or sometimes in the course of a single day). The fact that so many things happened was expected. The way they […]

Buck and I spent part of Christmas day at home with my parents in Virginia, but most of last week we stayed close to home on Capitol Hill. It’s one of the most charming neighborhoods in the area, and we feel so blessed to live here. Walking around the Hill last week reminded me of this winter wedding […]

Ryan thought he was just going for a drink with some coworkers… that’s all he intended, and all he had planned. Then Amy walked into the room, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He somehow managed to strike up conversation, and she smiled (oh, that smile… he couldn’t tear himself away). Five […]

I know, I know… Christmas is just around the corner. It’s perhaps a bit late for a Christmas gift list, isn’t it? Well, perhaps. But then again, maybe not. I know too many people with crazy lives to assume that everyone gets their Christmas shopping done in early December! And let’s be real… I just like posting prettying […]

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know what today’s post is about… I gave a pre-announcement announcement there, because I just couldn’t keep this secret any longer. I’m SO EXCITED to introduce The Intentional Photographer: A workshop combining passion and purpose with business and art, debuting March 13-14, 2015. This workshop has been so many years in the making, […]