Monthly Archives: November 2014

… for breath, for health, for family, for friendships. For my husband, the greatest earthly gift I have or ever could receive. For the freedoms and liberties that we posses as American citizens. For jobs that provide for our needs and allow us to live and work in Washington, DC. For modern technology and freedom of information. For freedom […]

Alan & Paige— first work associates, then friends, and then friendship blossomed into something more, and finally on a perfect day in October, they said “I Do” to the rest of their lives. Their wedding perfectly blended Black Tie Class and Southern Hospitality, with just a hint of romance. From their ceremony at Capitol Hill Baptist […]

Sean & Rochelle met on the sunny beaches of Pensacola, FL— at a wedding. Sean’s cousin married Rochelle’s childhood best friend, and Sean and Rochelle were both in the wedding party. Their friends (wisely) paired them up, and by the end of the weekend, everyone around them knew that this new couple had something special […]

Buck and I were in Chicago this weekend, photographing a friends wedding. We took a little extra time on Friday afternoon to explore, and then spent all day Sunday walking around the city, arm-in-arm, bundled up against the cold, eating good food and drinking good coffee, enjoying every moment together. That is, until it came time to decide […]