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Delight HouseIt was February of 2012. I was in Las Vegas for WPPI— excited to be at such an amazing conference, happy to see old friends and make new ones, spending time talking heart-to-heart about issues close to my own, with people who actually understood the challenges of self-employment in a creative industry. But my excitement about the trip was tempered by a nasty headcold that chose to land in my sinuses about the same time my plane landed near The Strip. It made sitting in a room with 400 other people very uncomfortable, because I needed to excuse myself so often… but sitting in a smaller room of 50 was awkward, too, because I couldn’t mask the noise of my sneezing and sniffling.

So I sat just outside the workshop rooms, instead. It was there I met Kristin— a woman I so instantly connected with that I called her my “big sister” by the time I left. Kristin and her daughter Emily own and operate a photography business together, and talking with Kristin was like sharing with someone who understood the language of my own soul, a true “kindred spirit.” I left that week feeling like I was leaving part of my family.

Kristin is a woman who absolutely overflows with love for other people. She’s a mother of 4, a support and encouragement to many “sisters by heart” who are scattered all over the country, and she has this amazing ability to see others needs and strategically work to meet them. A couple of years ago, she saw one need in particular— girls with creative hearts and interests who desire to grow in their relationship with God, but lacked discipleship opportunities. They were literally crying out to her for someone, anyone to help them. So she started a ministry called Delight, specifically to meet this need, providing mentoring, encouragement, and personal care for young women passionate about their faith and the creative arts, through blogging, one-on-one discipleship, and retreats.

On December 1st, Kristin and Delight’s leadership team announced the goal to raise $10,000 to get Delight to non-profit status, before the end of the year. And just last week they made it!! It’s so amazing, and so humbling. But that’s not the end of the need. Earlier this year, someone donated an old, “needs love” house to Kristin, to use for hosting Delight retreats. The Delight House is such a beautiful dream, and would minister to so many people. When they first announced their goal of $10,000, Kristin said that every dollar over their non-profit status goal would go directly to building the Delight House, so now that the first goals has been reached, we’re trying to raise at least another $35,000 to finish the Delight House.

But that’s not all it will do. Kristin and her family live in Washington State, the part that was ravaged by wildfires earlier this year. Her entire community was devastated— it’s a miracle that her home is still standing, and the Delight House is still standing!! Many of their neighbors didn’t fare so well, and the town and surrounding areas will take years to recover. Kristin has been able to employ people from their community to build the Delight House, which has provided food, clothing, and shelter to otherwise destitute families.

And this is where we need you to help. If any of this speaks to you— a love for the arts and supporting upcoming artists; mentoring and discipling girls in their faith; or supporting families in disaster-stricken areas, would you please consider clicking over HERE and making a donation? Every little bit counts, as my mother always says— even $10 would mean the world to Kristin, to their community, to the Delight girls, and to me!

To learn more about Delight, you can visit them at their website HERE
Follow them on Instagram: @delightandbe
Check out their blog
And watch the video

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