Friday Style List: Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas 2014 Gift Ideas 1

I know, I know… Christmas is just around the corner. It’s perhaps a bit late for a Christmas gift list, isn’t it? Well, perhaps. But then again, maybe not. I know too many people with crazy lives to assume that everyone gets their Christmas shopping done in early December! And let’s be real… I just like posting prettying things, so why not?


I’m in near-desperate need of a good overnight bag. This one from West Elm is perfect— stripes, gold, and monogram-able. Can we say perfection?  /  I love Everything that Lindsay Letters creates. This canvas is darling, isn’t it?
Christmas 2014 Gift Ideas 4

My stomach doesn’t handle milk very well, so almond milk is a staple in our household. I think that means this mug was made for me!!  /  And obviously I love coffee mugs, since there are two on this list. I love this one from Korie of The Weekend Type, sold on The Fresh Collective.

Christmas 2014 Gift Ideas 3

And ideas for the guys in your life! I love this tie from Jack Spade, which would pair beautifully with this leather tie case. I really wish I hadn’t maxed our Christmas budget, because this would be perfect for Buck— he travels a lot!  /  And I just LOVE these State tee shirts from The Home T! I almost got one for Buck for Christmas… but I couldn’t decide what State to get. He’s from South Carolina, but he lives in DC. When I asked him, he said “You’re my home.” Cue the aaawwwwwwwwwe. 

Christmas 2014 Gift Ideas 2



In case you need even more idea, here are a few other favorites:

Christmas Gift Ideas


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