Monthly Archives: September 2015

… or two, really. It’s a rainy September day here in DC. The kind where it’s cool, like Spring, and leaves are just on the verge of changing into Fall colors, but it’s not there yet. It’s kind of a blue day. And blue days always remind me of the shoot that Alex styled for The Intentional […]

Cannot wait to photograph these sweet lovebirds tomorrow! It has been such a joy and blessing to get to know them throughout their engagement, and I know their wedding will be the thing of dreams.

We met early one morning on the water. Kosta was ardently attentive to Marina, a woman he’s known for most of his life, but who only recently captured his heart. Marina’s clear adoration of him, made more obvious in the many long glances and quiet smiles that stole across her face, made the warm summer […]