Yearly Archives: 2016

London | Three Months Soooooo… I’m late posting these. London will be four months next week, but I took these photos right at the three month mark. It’s amazing to see how much she changed from the 2mo to 3mo mark!! There are so many things I want to remember about this stage. How she scrunches […]

  hello… … it’s me…   This summer marks my 10th anniversary of blogging. When I first began putting thoughts on the interwebs, I viewed myself as a deep-thinking old soul, painting with words instead of a brush, giving my innermost thoughts and feelings a concrete place to live. I was a writer, “the girl who had a […]

Thoughts on motherhood from a new working mom It’s been two and a half months since our Little London Bear entered our world and turned it on its head. She is one of the best things that ever happened to me— I adore her crooked little smile (just like her Daddy’s!!!), her gentle coos, and her fascination […]

Happy Mother’s Day  Becoming a mother to a little girl has made me infinitely more thankful for my own mother and our relationship. Friend, role model, counselor— she is a cherished gift in my life. She’s the one I call when I just need to talk. She’s my business accountability partner— no one else in my life quite […]