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Second Shooter Workshop, Sarah Bradshaw Photography

“I got into photography as a hobby awhile back. Then I started taking some portraits for friends, and now it’s a business. I’d love to get into weddings, but not sure how to break into that market. Some people have told me to start by second shooting, but I can’t seem to find anyone who will take me on. Help?”

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard that story. Or how many times I experienced it in the beginning. I got into photography because I wanted to do International non-profit photojournalism, but wanted to shoot weddings “as a side business” back in the day. I researched and reached out to nearly 80 photography companies before finding one that was a good fit for me and vice versa, and working with that company is what launched my career. I wouldn’t be here today if someone hadn’t given me that chance.

So I get it. I really do. Finding a photographer willing to let you second shoot for them is hard, for the primary shooter and for the second shooter. But it’s vitally important, for both parties. The problem is, there are a hundred voices, misconceptions, and misunderstandings out there about the role and responsibility of (and going rate for!) second shooters. It’s hard to know who to listen to, why certain photography companies function as they do, and what a second shooter should expect when working on a wedding day. And it’s so frustrating for all parties involved, because we just want to take pretty pictures, right??



Full day training on how to be the best second shooter possible.

What you’ll get: 5+ hours of instruction by Sarah Bradshaw, a mini styled shoot to practice new skills, and learning alongside other photographers in your shoes!

I’ll share some of my history and how I got started, my experience second shooting (and hiring second shooters) over the past 9+ years, talk about industry standards and common practices, the different kinds of primary shooters and second shooters out there (more than you’d expect!), and then dive into tons of practical, hands-on application— how to shoot to compliment the primary shooter, how to best shoot details, how to interact with guests during cocktail hour, how to style men’s details, etc.

Who: The workshop is geared toward budding and aspiring photographers who are interested in second shooting weddings, OR for wedding photographers who want to better train their second shooters.

When: This workshop will take place on Saturday, August 5 from 10am to 4pm. Registration includes light snacks and lunch.

Where: The Sweet Root Village studio in Alexandria, VA!!!

Cost: $249 earlybird pricing (now through May 31st). Price goes up to $299 on June 1st.

Second Shooter Workshop, Sarah Bradshaw Photography

Syllabus includes:

  • The different kinds of primary shooters and second shooters, and how to know if you’re a good fit.
  • How to get hired as a second shooter.
  • How to find good second shooters.
  • Industry standards and common practices, covering image handling, pay rates, and image use post-wedding.
  • How to shoot to compliment the primary shooter.
  • A mini-styled shoot to practice…
    • Shooting to compliment the primary shooter
    • How to shoot details
    • Interacting with guests during cocktail hour
    • Styling men’s details during the getting ready portion of the day
    • … and so much more!

Limited space: In order to maximize the educational experience of everyone attending, space is limited to 25.


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