Reflections on 10 Years in the Photography Industry Ten years ago today I became a photographer. You know, it’s really strange to write that. Especially after reading back through my journal entries from the weeks surrounding this significant shift in my life’s trajectory. I’m a planner by nature (I’ve written 5-year plans for myself since I […]

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  • Stephanie Benge - Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s easy for me to think that others didn’t struggle while trying to chase their dreams. It’s lovely to see someone who worked hard through struggle and succeeded. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - It was good to read this. I am not in photography although I do enjoy looking at photography blogs like yours! I think the biggest thing I have taken away from this is to be open to change. I may think that where I am is where I want to be for the next twenty years, but God may have other ideas. And that is okay. I want to have everything figured out and perfect, but God molds and shapes us, and ten years from now God could have me in any number of places. And just because I wasn’t where I am now five years ago, doesn’t mean that my passions or interests then weren’t valid or worth something. As you might be able to tell, change is one area that God and I don’t necessarily see eye to eye on! I want to grow as a Christian, but I begrudge God using circumstantial change to do that.