I missed London’s 10 month photos (I was sick, she was sick, Buck was traveling, it just didn’t happen), but there’s grace for that. Oooooohhhhhh, this child is such a joy! In two months, baby girl has gone from “Baby” to “Toddler,” and although I’m sad to say goodbye to the sweet, quiet moments of young childhood, […]

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  • Allison - Such.a.precious.little.person <3 Her faces are too much!!ReplyCancel

  • samiul - Excellent photography and nice looking mother and babyReplyCancel

  • samiul - Nicely done photography thanks for your good photo editing..ReplyCancel

Welcome, Spring!! We’re experiencing some crazy weather here in DC— the last week we’ve enjoyed 60 and 70 degree weather in February, and the cherry blossoms are about to burst a month early! I know most of my warm-weather-loving friends are happy, but all I can think about is how nasty the mosquitos are bound […]

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  • Brooke - I have some of the same and or similar goals for this month, I will tell you that the getting to bed by 10pm has been on the list since the new year, a huge fail. Hope you have better luck!ReplyCancel