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Yesterday I shared my 2017 Yearly Goals, and today I’m sharing my February Monthly Goals! Oh, January. Where have you gone?? It was a sweet, quiet, busy, fruitful month… in spite of two weekends out of town and two full weeks fighting a headcold that just. wouldn’t. quit. I’m headed into this second month of the year with a […]

2017 Goals & Plans   We spent 10 days in South Carolina with family over the holidays— time to rest, time to connect with loved ones, time to catch up with old friends, and time away from our “normal” to reflect on 2016 and turn our attention to 2017. Buck and I slipped off by ourselves for […]

The SBP Book Club 2017 Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world. ~Napoleon Bonaparte I love to read, but the older I get the more challenging it is to find make time to read as a matter of habit. Life is busy, and by the time […]

January Monthly Goals December was a crazy mixture of intensely hard days and sweet, sweet memories. Buck was on travel for most of the month, and my work kept me far busier than I wished. It was the month I expected, but not without unexpected joys. We had a few days at home together as a family […]

It’s no secret that I absolutely love planning. “Intentional” is a buzzword of mine (HELLLOOOOOO, I even wrote a 2-day workshop on it!!), I’ve been creating 5-year plans for myself for 15+ years now (and helped to write this!), and I’m a sucker for fresh starts (new journals, new years, birthdays, etc). The week between Christmas and […]