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Dear world: in case I haven’t told you… We’re pregnant!! We’re due March 21, 2016 with a precious baby girl, and we couldn’t be more excited!! We found out mid-July, right in the middle of painting our house and preparing to move in, and just before the three busiest months I’ve ever experienced in my careers as […]

As a DC-based wedding photographer, I know the importance of consistency, both in the work I produce and in the way I communicate about that work. That’s why I make a point to blog at least three days a week, ever week, maintain a quick turn-around time for wedding images, and work to over-communicate with my clients. Sometimes, however, life happens… and my […]

Guys, Buck and I love being married to each other. LOVE IT. And we love helping others love their marriages, too. One way we help each other love more deeply is to cultivate our friendship, and one way wwe do that is by regular date nights. Our first date was on a Friday night. Our second date was […]

These two were married in Chicago in November. We didn’t have a chance to do an engagement session beforehand, so we decided on an anniversary session in the spring instead. Helllooooo, cherry blossoms! There’s something so sweet about familiar love. I love how comfortable these two are together, and how they seem to melt into each other. […]

A few nights ago, Buck and I grabbed a quick bite to eat before running some post-work errands, and I spent part of dinner talking excitedly about some major changes I’m hoping to make to my business, dreams for the future, ways I hope to expand, and a few other things. The longer I talked, the more I […]