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Reflections on 10 Years in the Photography Industry Ten years ago today I became a photographer. You know, it’s really strange to write that. Especially after reading back through my journal entries from the weeks surrounding this significant shift in my life’s trajectory. I’m a planner by nature (I’ve written 5-year plans for myself since I […]

  hello… … it’s me…   This summer marks my 10th anniversary of blogging. When I first began putting thoughts on the interwebs, I viewed myself as a deep-thinking old soul, painting with words instead of a brush, giving my innermost thoughts and feelings a concrete place to live. I was a writer, “the girl who had a […]

… or two, really. It’s a rainy September day here in DC. The kind where it’s cool, like Spring, and leaves are just on the verge of changing into Fall colors, but it’s not there yet. It’s kind of a blue day. And blue days always remind me of the shoot that Alex styled for The Intentional […]

Today is a couch-potato, tea-drinking, rest-up sick day. I caught something last week, rallied for Saturday’s wedding, and then completely lost my voice yesterday. I’m taking the day off work, but just had to share the newest bit of news in the Bradshaw household. Introducing Guster, our new Goldendoodle puppy!! We picked him up Thursday afternoon, and […]

Time is a funny thing, isn’t it? When I look forward, it seems as if it creeps by like a snail (especially if there’s something to look forward to) but when I look back, I’m shocked at how fast it flies away. Can you believe that it’s already February? I feel as if just yesterday was Thanksgiving, and […]