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So many of my mornings begin with sunrise at the Lincoln and the surrounding areas— I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to showcase some iconic DC views, monuments, and landscapes. Enjoy.

We purchased our first home this past July, and have absolutely loved settling in and making it our own. We’ve blogged little bits of it here, and a couple of our projects here, but I still have a few things to finish in each room before I’m ready to show it all off. That’s how homes are […]

Snowpocalypse and an Unexpected Weekend Off If you live anywhere remotely near the East Coast, or know someone on social media that lives here, then you already know about Snowpocalypse. Our little home, tucked in a quaint Maryland town right next to Capitol Hill, was hit with about 2 1/2 feet of snow, and even deeper drifts. Buck […]

After a crazy year of travel, work, puppy, moving, pregnancy, and a myriad of other less life-changing (but no less significant) events this year, we are crashing hard and enjoying a quiet staycation this holiday season. We have some friends and family rotating in and out of our home, but for the most part, we’re doing […]

As a DC-based wedding photographer, I know the importance of consistency, both in the work I produce and in the way I communicate about that work. That’s why I make a point to blog at least three days a week, ever week, maintain a quick turn-around time for wedding images, and work to over-communicate with my clients. Sometimes, however, life happens… and my […]