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One year ago you made us parents, changed our lives, gave us a kind of joy we’d never dreamed of, and gave a renewed purpose and focus to everything that we do. I still can’t believe that I get to be your Mama for the rest of your life!! Happy birthday, sweet baby girl. Love […]

I missed London’s 10 month photos (I was sick, she was sick, Buck was traveling, it just didn’t happen), but there’s grace for that. Oooooohhhhhh, this child is such a joy! In two months, baby girl has gone from “Baby” to “Toddler,” and although I’m sad to say goodbye to the sweet, quiet moments of young childhood, […]

Sweet little baby is 9 months old!! We celebrated Christmas early before heading down to South Carolina to spend time with Buck’s family. We’re so thankful to be able to take time to rest and enjoy this season! London update: She is 20 lb and 28 in long! She started waving “hello” and “goodbye” on […]

Current status: curled up with coffee and a warm blanket, watching London play with her cousin, thankful for all of the sweet blessings that 2016 brought our way. From my family to yours, wishing you all the joy and peace this season could possibly bring! Merry Christmas, love The Bradshaws

Thanksgiving weekend: London turned 8 months old, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family (all of us together!), did late night Black Friday shopping, cut down a tree, and decorated the house for Christmas. In other words, packing everything possible into the fewest hours possible, in true Buck & Sarah fashion. London update: She is soooo on the verge […]