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I’ve been a bit quiet on social media this week and last, both here and on Instagram. It’s not a lack of content, I can assure you of that— but rather a disturbance in my heart that keeps me quiet. You see, I’ve been throwing a bit of a childish fit. Quietly, in the corner […]

Dear world: Today is my birthday!!! Today I turn 30. I’m more excited than is typically expected for a woman reaching this number. But then again, I’ve always loved birthdays. Not so much the celebration part (please don’t make me the center of attention!), but because it marks a new chapter, a new season, something fresh. I […]

… under construction. If you’ve visited my website anytime in the last, oh, nine months, you would’ve seen little more than a splash page with something along the lines of “Identity Crisis! Great things coming soon!” Or something like that. Lame.  I wanted to have a new website launched last July. Then I wanted it launched […]

Back to work The past couple of weeks have been wonderful. Sleeping in, eating whatever I want to (within reason, of course), great time with family and friends, roadtrips, staying in pjs all day, watching movies, and choosing not to feel any pressure or stress related to work. I’ve tried to keep up with emails and […]

… like whoever took this picture should get a gold star. Also, I would love to receive such a cup. Such a HUGE fan of this song. I’m learning the dance (yes, true story. I danced it at Saturday’s wedding. Sometimes you just gotta put down the camera), and I LOVE that it’s become such a […]