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Last month Buck and I took a Spring Staycation— we took the week off of work and spent the better part of our days working on our yard. We pulled weeds, dug up roots, planted shrubs and perennials, built a small structure to hide our trashcans and shelter our stroller (so exciting, I know), and […]

Rocky Mountain National Park on film — personal work by Sarah Bradshaw For months I’ve had a thought in back of my mind, a feeling slowly creeping up the back of my neck that I just can’t shake, that maybe we miscalculated when we did our annual planning and budget review last December. Maybe we missed something, […]

Sometimes it’s good to step outside the comfort zone and stretch the creative muscles. And not be afraid of a little rain. Just one frame from an editorial shoot I did recently with Love Letters by Kayla.  Makeup & Model, Kristin Mastrangele. Skirt by Sweet Caroline Styles.