Core Beliefs - Sarah Bradshaw Photography



These are the principles that guide both my approach to business and my daily life.

4. I believe in photographing people in the most natural, comfortable environment possible, to best display their individual beauty, and that the sun is the most flattering light.

5. I believe in capturing timeless, thoughtful images that tell stories that are true.

6. I believe in giving my clients a finished product that will stand the test of time, and will serve as a reminder of commitment, a solid foundation on which they may build a joyful, hope-filled future.

7. I believe that people are more important than projects, and that relationships trump the bottom line.

8. I believe that every single couple should have beautiful pictures of their wedding, and that every single family should have their life documented.

9. I believe that no day should pass without coffee. Seriously.

10. I believe that every person has a story worth telling.

11. I believe that I exist for the glory of God, to commend the Gospel through faithful work, to support healthy marriages, and to document life in a naturally beautiful, pleasing manner.



1. I believe that genuine, loving care and personal relationships with both clients and colleagues are the key to a successful and satisfying business.

2. I believe in the deep, lasting commitment and covenant promise made on a wedding day, and the way that this promise pictures the Gospel— Jesus Christ's sacrificial, never-ending love for His Bride, the Church.

3. I believe in the unique & personal beauty of individual people, and the collective love and emotional texture of a family. I believe both are beautiful, because they were made and ordained by God Himself.



Washington, DC